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Wedding photography in the world event held in Shanghai

The beginning of the year, Shanghai's first exhibition of wedding photography--the 17th China-Shanghai International wedding photographic equipment exhibition and the international children's photography, theme photography exhibition linkage three Museum Grand opening here on January 20.
Show the world's first
70000 square meters of exhibition scale, over more than 500 exhibitors display, 120,000 people expected to visit--one of the world's most influential wedding photography fun again on stage. By China international trade promote Committee Shanghai City Branch, and China portrait photography learned and Shanghai City photography home Association hosted, Shanghai International exhibition service company hosted of this international wedding photography exhibition adhering to has always of professional sex, rich of exhibits covers wedding photography industry related Shang downstream industry chain of products and the service, a years spring two quarter of exhibition has became Shanghai of a Zhang card, international influence constantly expanded.
Three library linkage building industry events
Hosted party Shanghai International exhibition service company from exhibition preparatory beginning that full consider exhibits reasonable layout of problem, three a Pavilion layout clear, guide audience fast found interested in of exhibits: Shanghai International Exhibition Center a floor displayed wedding dress, II floor children photography joined, and clothing, and background props; WTO Mall a floor show album phase box, II floor Studio models frame, three floor floor makeup supplies, and Studio department store supplies, jewelry, four floor wedding dress, seven floor will held 2010 wedding dress concert new launches cum promotion will ; Everbright Convention and Exhibition Center West Hall concentrated on the first floor exhibition Studio photographic equipment and output devices, background, props, photo albums, photo frames, second floor, West Hall Studio furniture and spatial design, themes, photography, Studio Enterprise Consulting, third floor of the West pavilion theme photography, East album frames and supplies on display on the first floor.
Wedding photography annual fantasy Expo
As the Chinese economy and the global economy recovers, ride the East wind of 2010 Shanghai World Expo will be held, it can be foreseen that wedding photography industry, China will once again spark a new round of Summit, many manufacturers began preparing breeds great business opportunities for the local market. According to the statistics, about 10 million young people get married each year in China, estimated that by 2010, comprehensive wedding consumption capacity in China will reach hundreds of millions of Yuan, the development should not be underestimated. In Shanghai, about 8.15 million people get married each year, a survey conducted recently by the departments concerned, Shanghai wedding service market with annual spending power of up to 15 billion yuan. Shanghai has become an important wedding supplies procurement market, the wedding photography industry, China has also become one of the most promising industries. BACK PAGE