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Beautiful winter wedding photo shoot but won't wash out

Mr MA who lives in Dongan road, Tianjin is getting married next month, just when he is excited, suddenly received from the urban area, a wedding Hall of bad news: he is wearing shirts snow out of ice and snow, according to the two sets of wedding photography to wash out, because storing snow photo disc could not be read. Mr MA for repair according to two sets of photos of Wedding Hall solution is not acceptable.
According to Mr MA, Mr MA and his girlfriend in this bridal house made 500 Yuan appointment gold appointments 2299 wedding photography packages, you can replace the 7 types of hairstyles and 7 sets of clothing. After Mr MA after the rest of 1799, cheerfully shirt took two sets of photos in the snow. But a few days ago, Mr MA will be the remaining 5 sets of wedding photos taken after the selected photos are told to store snow photo disc could not be read, pictures without.
Wedding Hall said, "often at the river walk, which does not wet shoes," errors in the work is a natural phenomenon, they apologize to Mr MA, and be prepared to supplement according to two sets of wedding photos. Mr MA that it cannot accept, he said: "in any case make up for photography in the snow at the moment, Wedding Hall who, in turn, think about our mood. "Mr MA requirement businesses compensation for moral damages.
This Wedding Hall official told reporters, she deeply regrets this situation, loss of snow photos has become a reality, can be resolved through consultation.
In response, city insiders, who asked not to be named told reporters yesterday, because the photo is irreproducible and non-valuation of and compensation standards for photos in the industry disputes was very ill, there is no quantitative standards, it is a blank in China. At present, the city is developing compensation criteria, however, it is the practice of compensation for businesses and consumers.

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