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Love wedding photography recalls Hanover

Perfect wedding photography will not only witness the sweetest moment, and, as time goes by, wedding photography is your remembrance youth, reliving the old drip the best choice. We want to share with you today is: when selecting a wedding photography in which basic issues need attention?
1 do go hand in hand, you can take the whole?
Seemingly good wedding photography, practical problems lurk a number of new challenges.
Women are usually married, according to the lead, some of these issues have more commitment and ideas, while men are foil red leaf, yet they often bear the burden of paying. Choose what kind of photographic effects, the selection of which wedding photography, budget is the amount, in the face of these problems, new disagreements and even quarrels are not surprising. This is test two emotions and a moderate amount of time.
Pick up the cards, and wedding photography makes unhappy divorce of, is not news.
Choice of wedding photography is a test or test for men, if you can handle the wedding photographer wife and their relations, external relations with both of you as well, that the good way they walked, while the Lady at this time will study your relationships, the degree of service, sophistication, and so on.
This is a test of ladies, you are only concerned with their own images of the beautiful and neglected husbands feel? You and your husband deal with family budgets with such basic questions?
2, wedding photography style and
It is understood that there are 3 types of photo shoot, new people can be selected according to different requirements.
1. press time, interior exterior of the fastest the slowest. Fastest time is a pure int wedding Studio or Studio pure int + cities or suburban location wedding photography usually can get a day or two. If you choose their wedding-honeymoon location, plus time on the way back and forth, usually 5-10.
2.-by price and location several times higher than DIY. Most cheap of certainly is himself hands-on DIY of wedding, 1200 Yuan following on can get (including album and other late finished), but effect usually is unlikely to good; second is Studio pure int wedding, usually 1800~4500 Yuan on can has; most your of certainly is honeymoon travel type full location wedding, to 8000~19000 Yuan, but if has plans to to honeymoon travel, two items collection up of costs pour also not is too high.
3. on its own terms, face small may select interiors. If the face is small and pretty, and good camera performance, certainly preferred pure int wedding photography. Incidents involved int the maximum advantage of makeup, lights are in place can be pretty all the advantages appeared.
If you feel pretty enough, such as pie face, getting worse, camera performance was poor, in this case the selection of clothing and accessories are important, unlike and location shooting was more to make a beauty.
3, Studio? Or personal Studio?
Wedding is basically only two options now: 1) wedding dress video 2) Studio
They each have their own characteristics and advantages:
Wedding Photo Studio
Advantages: more professional, have a complete set of systems and processes, with more types of wedding, often not introduced a lot of packages on a regular basis, and when people ask what you are comparing have a face, brands, service is in place, more attention to your complaint.
Disadvantages: budget control. Their guide was very professional and timely recommendations that recommend that, newcomers to photography somewhat less self-control would easily exceed the budget.
Normally does not provide free one-on-one service, you might want to merge with others, sometimes shop bullying happens, because they were very professional, chances are you will feel himself being played with by hand.
Also, the negatives don't, as all need to buy.
Benefits: under normal circumstances, are people of the wedding photo Studio from going it alone, so the entire process should be complete copy down.
They can ensure one-on-one service, and also easier to get along with, in some cases, can become good friends.
They choose to obtain the more casual, can stop at any time, you can choose where you want to go, and can introduce their own ideas.
For film and post production they are not stingy, typically sent, because the cost is lower in itself. Studio price was lower than the wedding photo studio is here.
Cons: more difficult to have a complaint, prone to slip, so any link you must personally check, unlike wedding photo studio, you don't have to fuck how many hearts.
4, how to easy DIY wedding
My city, Xian, there is a street called West way, full rental wedding photographic equipment, and photo frame, hanging picture-making place, where you can choose your on location wedding, as well as photo frames, albums and so on.
But if you want to be in a personal Studio shooting, you can talk to them, Studio little money you rent your favorite wedding dress from here, photo frames, and so on, although the price, or even more expensive, but the quality is not the same. It is recommended that time friends, prepare early wedding photos, will be more perfect. BACK PAGE