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New wedding photography for people will choose to note the way they love. Now, they increasingly prefer personalized, themed wedding photography. However, indoor set-up makes people tired of wedding photography, outdoor viewing vivid, results, original location choice is the key, where is your favorite "love shot"?
Romantic personality
Location: Guangzhou Shamian
Sand is located in forks, originated during the second opium war, colonists forced sand on loan, the Governor of Guangdong and Guangxi, the invaders dug a river separated the sand and sand Foundation, formed the present Shamian island. European style in the city of Guangzhou, Shamian island was busy distractions a pretty laid-back, European-style building gives people a feeling of the atmosphere. Wedding photography is according to your preferences and choose their own way of shooting is entirely according to their own ideas, patterns, photographs, is to match people with scenery, props, so each couple took are not the same, this personalized wedding photography principles and purposes. Two token--a teddy bear for the main character, let the couple stay sweet love story.
He new love snow
Location: Zhongshan Park
Park is the new preferred wedding location, usually in urban areas, eliminating the team shooting pain of horses running. Park grass, flowers, small bridges, promenade and Pavilion, in a park taking photos from different backgrounds, photographer for the scene. Now very popular one called "infrared shot" techniques: infrared camera installed instruments, converted after the cameras, the effect is like and in the snow, don't have to go to the cold North can take snow sweet photo.
Wedding dress travel
Ba Wafeng to take a look at the South plus, over 5500 meters above sea level mountains, on the plateau eat barbecue, drinking yak bone soup ... ... If you've ever dipped in various photo forums, you can feel the enthusiasm of young people in Tibet. "Your wedding dress to travel" became synonymous with wedding photography fashion in recent years. Tibet, which spans Asia, mountains covered with snow, there are lush, picturesque vast grasslands both winding miles, mighty rivers, dotted with static and dynamic such as Highland Lake, both lush virgin forests, also has a variety of wildlife ... ... Blue sky, white clouds, the snow-covered mountains, Green Lake and wedding dress new Constitution unmatched beauty of design.
Location: West River
Tired of shooting mode Park-style wedding dress, may wish to go to the countryside. On the Xijiang River, fishing line, and, under the shade of the bushes, relax, sweet smile. Under the kind fisherman Uncle called bride on flimsy rafts junk, "thanks to his behind me holding my hand, thin junk ease. "Every ship passing up waves, flapping feet, Sun, shady trees, Sunshine through the trees in the face, loving.
Love in
Highland scenery of Jiuzhaigou to clear tones into Vista, stack, autumn forest, peaks in one waterfall. Where you can breathe freely, let the green "package" of happiness. BACK PAGE