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Gorgeous evening wedding photography

His name was planted in winter, her name was Linda.
If you ask them what love is, and they'll tell you, accompanied by seven years.
Yes, their love affair has been going on for seven years.
For seven years, met heartbeat;
Those seven years, the sweetness of hand;
For seven years, embracing warm
For seven years, there's too much happy and moved to collections.
So they hand walked into the Auditorium, the white old Covenant was made for love, built a strong Castle.
They drew first for this castle is a group of gorgeous scenery and night wedding photography.
Wedding photography advice:
We want to make a special set of wedding photos, so I searched everywhere on the Internet, "night wedding photography" is the "audition" comes out.
Suggestions wanted to make feature photos of new people to the Internet, find your favorite style, and photographers to communicate easier. Was, again, you can select individual Studios, they were taken by a pair, this effect will be better than Studio in bulk.
We found on the Internet at that time of night scene photos, looked at it, thought it was chic. Take pictures of people they work just not far from our House, to look at, I feel pretty good, ask him to help us to take. Pictures that day was very good, we take good wedding the next day, it started to rain, also down for nearly a month.
If you want to take the night scene photos, it is recommended that XDJMS picked a relatively open place, we are going to Riverside, where open, light is also good. Was, then, to choose a brightly colored clothing, their wedding night if wearing the white dress, photos fade away.
We are also planning to wear white at night, two horses have more experience, let us wear brightly coloured dresses, the result was very good. BACK PAGE