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Wedding photography negative charges in the Northwestern China gradually improving

Northwest China's Ningxia Hui autonomous region, some of the Studio's solemn commitment to consumers "transparent consumption, film free", which seems to imply that the wedding photography industry has long been criticized by Chinese consumers, "unspoken rules"-the negative charges gradually break the ice.
In a Studio--Ningxia "modern classic" wedding photography understands that the Studio began in July to launch "film presented" promotions, picked out in the photographs taken of consumers very satisfied with making albums, remaining pictures consumers also can copy for free.
Studio planning Director Shi Lei told reporters that the Studio prepared to specialize in high-end markets in transition, taking into account consumers for negative charges have a lot of questions, in order to improve customer satisfaction, attract more tourists, homeopathy launched Photo Studio "film presented".
The "51" during the filming of wedding photography Ma jia Jia, yinchuan citizens lucky enough, because at the time of her wedding photos the Studio does not launch "film presented" activities.
Ma Jiajia and Studio set was 1900 package, contains 35 photos. She and her husband knew when to choose the photos selected had to pay a lot of money, so relatively restrained, chose 15 photos at the end, to pay 500 Yuan.
This reporter has learned that, in General, newcomers can only be based on choice of shot wedding photography price package-enjoy a negative number, you will need to add additional money, around the film according to the different levels of economic development, Ningxia film price is per sheet of 25 to 50 per cent. Most newcomers will pay for his film, leaving hundreds of thousands of Yuan.
With most consumers "admission to lose" mentality is different, 2006 Yunnan couple wedding is being asked to pay for the remaining photos and Photo Studio to court. Eventually, the Kunming city intermediate people's Court of second instance verdict: the couple owns a photo studio in Kunming for ownership of their wedding photos taken, Photo Studio for sale paid to the remaining photos "rules" it is an offence.
Shiller says, in the "modern classic" drive, yinchuan, seems to be moving up the wedding photography industry. In an interview with reporters, also found that, at present, Ningxia Hui autonomous region launched several large Wedding Photo Studio from November onwards "film presented" activities.
Reporters at the "Milan wedding photography" website to see the slogan: "film presented" "transparent consumption" and "your photos let you all! No consumption. " Ningxia Hui autonomous region, another "cherry blossom wedding photography" also played the "film presented" ad.
Studio play "film free" promotion, consumers also applauded worries: Studio cost increases will be earned back in other ways, such as cutting services, or some previously hidden charges became clear. Consumers also worry that the change is a temporary promotion.
Someone thought to have come into effect on December 1 domestic debut of the marriage celebration service standards support, "film presented" sooner or later will become the new norm.
The standard explicitly for the first time, making wedding videos wedding companies (including photos, videos, CDs, etc) should ensure the quality and delivery to customer within the specified time, all original information should also be recorded in the process (including film, video and digital data, etc) together with the customer.
However, the legal profession have pointed out that belongs to the recommended standards of the marriage celebration service, does not have coercive power, so businesses have the right to choose to do or not.
Ningxia Association President Ma said the wedding industry, the current "film presented" more Studio adjustments made in response to consumer demand for their own development, to full take advantage of change more difficult.
"If the State had not introduced mandatory measures, ' film gift ' to be the wedding photography industry general rules, depending on local culture and consumption. "Ma said.
Experts recommend around the wedding industry associations can promote industry-wide business matching with the marriage celebration service of the wedding service contracts and calls on consumers and businesses to sign contracts, ask for the contract, a long time, without using a model contract business, will face the choice of market.
Experts also recommended that relevant departments of the marriage celebration service in the core content, gradually incorporated into the law on consumer protection, which have the force of law, through the law breaking industry "unspoken rules". BACK PAGE