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Wedding photography giveaway jiede

In winter, all the major photo agencies have launched a variety of promotional activities. But this time they have to Polish your eyes, don't be tempted to gorgeous trap. Here we impart superior wedding photography for everyone on a single skill, when you form a better opportunity.
Real wedding photography giveaway jiede
If offers free wedding day makeup, we must ask, are to be added in the morning how much. Do not think that is really free, long 8:00 are about 100 yuan per hour, give red envelopes with the makeup artist.
2, nail
Many Wedding Photo Studio now has a nail service, cost about 100 Yuan. They are buying fake nails at once, using double-sided adhesive sticker, outside of any nail service more professional and of good quality, and the price is cheaper than them. Suggest you go out and do, if they gave you this service, can then be folded into other things that you need.
3, wedding dresses for
If you geo on their wedding day gifts free of clothing, be sure to ask whether there is a cleaning fee. If you do not ask, probably to the final cleaning costs more expensive than rent.
Super strategy: weapon master on single
1, carefully look at the album, if not in one book, each version are made of double side tape photos to an album, you can freely change.
2, a photo album style to try to keep consistent, if it is a digital page spread will all be digital spreads, if full is full. If interspersed would seem like no grades, and messy, uncomfortable.
3, after late buying, if number of 20 or more, asking them to free as much as possible to make a digital album across pages, usually can be done.
Super resolution: user instance reviews the order
List price: 4999 Yuan-500 discount price = 4499
1, 32
Lily resolved: it is recommended that at least 40, 1500 's list there are 18
2, one for 18-inch, 11-inch album, molding, size album with version, with the end of the same design, there is a suitcase
Resolution: photo album must be crystal glass
3, 40-inch and 30-inch, 12-inch photo frame
Resolution: 40 inch, is not very useful, which could be replaced by other gift
Royal wedding invitation
Analysis: send this people are basically useless, might as well fold the film
5, 6 pieces of clothing 5 General 1 VIP
Resolution: clothing also can talk, at least for 3 sets of VIP
6, Taiwan, 2 sets of
Analysis: Taiwan makeup artist make-up, Taiwan photographers, is said to have better technology than city, but levels of actual research, so not too much emphasis on this part of the value
7, ext longtanhu
Analysis: who to ask out the costs associated with
8, premium 7 4
Resolved: some little thing package upgrades, photos and Crystal photo frame
9, 80 inch poster
Resolved: If you do not hang in the hotel, not much value
10, a
Analysis: photographed since a year, choose one for 10-inch, but do not give clothes to make-up, essentially equal to the useless
To discuss gifts in the course of, the most important element is the film, paper and clothing into the book, photo frames and albums need to take into account its practical size and value, other gifts may seem tempting, but the actual meaning needs to consider it.
In addition, when we talk about best not to lump-sum payment in full, so you can keep some room for manoeuvre for themselves. BACK PAGE