About Us

Shenyang utopia photography Union originated in the beautiful scenery and simple folk in Shenyang, is a collection of wedding photography, honeymoon hotel, leisure SPA Spa service-oriented enterprises. Has Northeast maximum real photography base Shenyang wedding photography, and Shenyang wedding photography work room, and Shenyang photography work room, and Shenyang took wedding, and Shenyang personality photo, and Shenyang wedding photography buy, and Shenyang art, and Shenyang wedding photography which home good, and Shenyang photography work room which home good, and Shenyang personality wedding photography, and Shenyang best of wedding photography-Fenggang wedding city, adhering to with seeking innovation, and seeking progress, seeking beyond, and seeking perfect of business concept, rise Yu beads triangle. Now in Shenyang, Shenyang, Guangzhou and Hong Kong already has an independent brand stores.